Brugarol Barcelona Sardines 7€

Home smoked Sardines, toasted almonds parsley and Piqual Olive oil from Brugarol farms

Fresh Whelks 8€

Fresh boiled whelks with lemon and pepper dressing

Blue fin tuna 11€

Blue fin tuna marinated in sake and soya, cold soba noodles, dashi-wasabi dressing and wasabi leaf

Corvina Sashimi 11€

Thinly sliced raw corvina, cucumber ,red onion, ginger, daikon radish, seaweed emulsion and nam pla dressing

Pan grilled Calamari & sushi rice 9€

Squid ink braised sushi rice ,crunchy rice with Squid ink emulsion and pan fried squid

Thyme smoked salmon 11€

Home smoked salmon with burnt thyme, green apple and coriander dressing, lime purée, fresh green apple & parsnip

Back cod with Brugarol honey 13€

Cod marinated in miso and honey from our farms with Brugarol’s potato and olive oil, lemon & garlic emulsion


Japanese style Patatas Bravas 5€

Fried potato, Korean spicy sauce, Japanese Mayonnaise & Aonori seaweed

White truffle flan 5€

Slow cooked white truffle Spanish custard with pickled shiitake

Brugarol ecological aubergine 5,50€

Whole roast aubergine from our ecological farms with marinated aubergine, parsley and Arbequina olive oil from our own farms

Brugarol ecological Tomato 6,50€

Semi dried Monterosa tomato from our ecological farms with smoky aubergine puree

Egg yolk “sushi” 5€

Soya cured free range egg yolk from our farms, sushi rice, Japanese mayonnaise and Aonori seaweed

Cheese platter with Brugarol preserves 13€

Artisan hand picked cheeses from Finca bell lloc and Catalonia with ecological preserves from our own farms


Foie gras “pie” 12€

Pan seared Foie gras marinated in Pedro Ximénez, Puff pastry, Beetroot and blackcurrant puree, beetroot and apple

Beef Tartare 11€

Hand chopped beef tartare, red onion, teriyaki, sushi rice, Japanese mayonnaise and soya cured egg yolk

Whole quail 9€

Lacquered style quail with warm salad of lentil and walnut and Quatre épices

Slow roast Pork cheek 11€

Slow cooked pork cheek, green pea and truffle puree, salad of pea and miso yaki artichoke

Lamb rib 11€

Slow cooked lamb rib, semi dried Monterosa tomato from our farm & lightly smoked aubergine puré